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Do you want to enjoy “Il Primo Italiano”
spaghetti with sauce?

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1) In any country in the world, you can enjoy the ‘Made in Italy’ flavours with high quality certified products.

2) Inside your package, you will receive the article of your
choice from a selection of Vietri ceramics, thus allowing
you to collect the entire original dinnerware service.

3) Treat yourself and amaze your friends and customers with
the exclusive “Il Primo Italiano” package!

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4) All you need do is cook the spaghetti and add the sauce.
Do not miss the opportunity to receive your package at home. Each package contains 4 “Il Primo Italiano” packets of spaghetti and ready-made sauce, each one composed of 500 grams of spaghetti and 360 grams of ready-made sauce, ideal for 4 people.

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£ 36,49
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One package of “Il Primo Italiano”
+ one piece from our exclusive Vietri ceramics collection.

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The introductory offer of €29.99 plus shipping costs is only available for a limited time. Remember 1 package contains: 4 “Il Primo Italiano” Packets (=16 servings). Free gift with purchase: an item from the famous Vietri Ceramics company in each package. When collected they compose a beautiful dinnerware service made and signed by Nello d’Agostino, our master ceramist.

* The Spaghetti included in the packages is PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and of superior quality, ideal for connoisseurs. The pasta is bronze wire-drawn and dried slowly at a low temperature, the residual semolina that you see in the box is a craftsmanship index. It is produced exclusively from certified Italian wheat in Gragnano (Naples), well renowned as the city of pasta.

* The sauces that we offer are prepared strictly using all natural raw ingredients and Italian tomatoes. The manufacturing company has quality certifications. The sauce types are Basil, Arrabiata, Capers and Olives, Boscaiola.

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ceramica vietrese

Vietri Ceramics has a long history that dates back to the fifteenth century. Nestled between the hills and the sea of the Amalfi Coast, Vietri was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. The ceramic workshops along the Amalfi Coast are famous worldwide for the beauty of their decorations that reflect the characteristics of the typical Mediterranean style, which recalls the colours of the South. Blue sea and sky, the yellow of the sun and lemons are the leitmotifs of this hand-made pottery with "unique" techniques passed down from generation to generation. Today, the Amalfi Coast's production is exported beyond our national borders and is much appreciated abroad.

Maestro Nello d'Agostino

A valid representative of this art form is the master ceramicist, Nello d'Agostino, who creates and signs our collection in perfect Vietri-style. Born in Naples, as a child, he approached the artisanal world with passion and tenacity, especially the difficult art of ceramics, actively at-tending the many artisanal workshops scattered among winding streets of the Amalfi Coast. The master ceramicist d’Agostino's strengths are his simplicity and competence, he creates real masterpieces with dedication and love, in respect of local artisanal tradition that has at-tracted the attention of customers from all over the world for years.

Take advantage of our introductory offer and do not miss the opportunity to taste the famous “Il Primo Italiano” today.

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